D. & D. Quality Care Inc.

The sky is the limit...

We at D. & D. Quality Care will go out of our way to support our clients.  Whatever your issue we will equip you for a healing tomorrow.

Mobility Supplies...

If you need help getting around we can help you.

Compression Supplies...

We stock a wide variety of support socks.  Feel free to browse.

Bathroom Supplies...

Check out our many aids that can support you in the bathroom.

Bracing Supplies...

Are you nursing an injury and you need some bracing support?  Check out our variety of bracing supplies.

Mastectomy Supplies...

We will always be there for you.  Feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have.

Pediatric Supplies...

We also provide service to the younger members of society.

Who Are We?

D. & D. Quality Care wishes to make your life much more comfortable by providing you with the tools to enhance your lifestyle.

” Did you know… “
We are authorized to bill to the following…
Supplementary health – W.C.B – D.V.A – S.G.I accredited 

Who Are We Helping?

Anybody and everybody is welcome to come visit us and sit down to get fitted with the appropriate apparatus.  Our goal is to provide you with quality supports that will make your life much more manageable.  Do not delay, come see us today.

Our Friendly, Helpful Staff

Cassandra Duckworth
Manager/Certified Fitter

Cher Duckworth-Hajósi
Owner/Certified Fitter


“Due to Breast Cancer 25 years ago, Cher has been looking after my needs for years. Bra Fittings are private and discreet!
Amazing Customer Service”

“I was looking for a kid’s wheelchair and although you didn’t have one, you searched around for me and gave all of the business info of someone who had one! I am so appreciative.

Will definitely recommend you, and come to you for any future needs. Thank you!”

“Great people to work with. Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable.”

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Enjoy Your Pain-Free Living Today!

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